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Grow Your Business & Get Your Life Back

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Episode 30 – The Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) | Angelo Ponzi

Fractional CMO is a communications director to assist with customer engagement, sales creation and company growth. The company gets managerial experience without the full-time cost. The idea of hiring a mid-size enterprise fractional executive is not new.

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Episode 29 – Scale Your Business Painlessly | Claire Chandler

Scaling up your company ensures you’re able to manage a cost-effective, fair rise in revenue, jobs, or production. Your business can sustain success without having to struggle in other...

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Episode 28 – Learn What Your Customers Really Want With Personality | Tim Van Milligan

You will achieve what you say and provide successful customer service. But better customer service is to get to know your clients so well that you can predict their desires and move above their standards. To understand your customers well, while you are in contact with them, you need to be attentive to them.

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Episode 28 – Learn What Your Customers Really Want With Personality | Tim Van Milligan

Episode 27 – Making safer and smarter choices using AI | Lomit Patel

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates, and many other major science and technology figures have recently expressed concern in the media and through open letters about AI’s...

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Episode 26 – Branding | Getting That Creator Mindset With Author Nir Bashan

In a Creator Mindset you realize that you and every mistake are responsible for every achievement. Any time. You take full responsibility for the situation you are in. Once Creators achieve a target, they realize that the product of their own hard work , commitment, and attitude is their achievement.

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Episode 25 – Creating A Plan | Get UNSTUCK and Live Your Dream Lifestyle With Blair Lee

There is no better time to start living the life that you dream about than the moment. You don’t have to wait for the New Year to come up with resolutions. Now you can continue.

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